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i am so happy rand's show remined me that mint booze exists

03:08:11 am

Pink eye apparently

03:09:00 am

Hey Rand. I just dropped in to call you a nigger. No Library coins for you here (theres no option). Carry on mate, you triple nigger (I'll send you a coin or two on odysee).

03:09:49 am

No power tools in the future?

03:10:30 am

It's Tywin Lanister!

03:13:17 am

They always make the bad guys have english accents in Hollywood...whats up with that?

03:13:28 am

Brother Numsy fun the Golden child also

03:13:35 am


03:13:44 am

meats back on the menu

03:16:09 am

Early cunt version of lens flair

03:17:16 am

You're all fucked

03:19:02 am

They never clarified, does it form from the grave sucker....or does the face sucker impregnate the host?

03:20:34 am


03:20:45 am

lowest audio ever on movie

03:34:19 am

I have finally made a shing

11:59:34 pm

ooo a fistula u say?

01:40:54 am
please log in to chat

The Petrol Hour

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G'day! Randbot is here to entertain Seppos using the power of Australian superiority! Here's hoping we also fill the burger heads with some knowledge too. Only some! I promise. :3

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